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Effective external shading for large areas

The zip screen roller shutters offered by Misteral represent an ideal solution for external shading for large areas. They stand out for the strong static strength of the housing and threaded axles, which ensure the tension of the canvas, regardless of the dimensions, and prevent the formation of wrinkles. The maximum dimension of the zip roller shutter is 6 x 3m. We only offer motor-driven zip roller shutters due to the weight of the zip roller shutter. We do not improvise with weak materials, so we can ensure high wind resistance of zip screen roller shutters.


By using zip screen roller shutters, you achieve excellent sun protection while maintaining a clear view through the canvases of your choice. Due to the clamping of the canvas on all four sides, zip roller shutters are also ideal as effective mosquito screens.


Misteral zip roller shutters can also withstand winds faster than 120 km/h, depending on the dimension and installation method.

We use only the highest quality canvases from COPACO AND SERGE FERRARI, so that your Zip roller shutters always look tense and aesthetically complement the space they shade.








Misteral ZIP roller shutters provide different installation options: 


  • Installation in front of the window
  • Installation on the structure of the lamellar or bioclimatic pergola:
    Zip screen roller shutters perfectly complement bioclimatic pergolas, as they allow vertical shading of the terrace if the lamellar pergolas are open or closed.
  • Concealed installation:
    Zip roller shutters can be integrated before the facade is done.
  • Installation on the glass joint:
    Zip screen roller shutters can also be installed in the glass joint.




Dimensional and visual flexibility


ZIP roller shutters can be customised to perfectly fit any type of structure. There is a wide range of high-quality canvases and colours that adapt aesthetically to your construction.


Create optimal external shading and maintain control over light and privacy with MISTERAL zip roller shutters.




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