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Enhance Your Space with Carport Misteral - Safe Shelter for Your Car

A carport is the central element of your yard that combines practicality and aesthetics, enriches the external environment, and protects your car from all types of weather in an elegant style. Carport Misteral features a premium design that will add harmony and superior quality to your space. Carport Misteral is manufactured from an identical construction as a fixed pergola or bioclimatic pergola, giving a uniform aesthetic style to your home at all products..


Protect All Cars with Carport Misteral

Carport Misteral features a rigid and durable construction, which is capable to withstand all weather conditions, and provides reliable protection for your car. Flexible dimensions allow you to park one, two or more cars, regardless of their size. We can easily increase or upgrade the carport, if necessary, because our type of construction makes it easy.






Carport Misteral Key Features



Solid Construction for Absolute Protection:

Made of non-corrosive materials such as aluminium and stainless steel, it provides your car with reliable protection in any weather. The Misteral carport has hidden drainage systems in the columns, as well as all our other products such as bioclimatic pergolas or fixed pergolas.

Waterproof and Snowproof:

Water and snow resistance is tailored to the dimensions of the carport, providing optimal protection for your vehicles.

Long Service Life with Aviation Technology Assistance:

The riveted construction allows materials to adapt to temperature changes, which extends the service life of the carport. All profiles are solid and properly connected to allow adequate mechanical elongation.

Choosing a Fixed Roof according to Your Wishes:

Choose from aluminium insulating panels or a combination of tempered glass panels for perfect customisation - We offer several options.

High-quality Accessories for Additional Functionality:

Customise your carport with brise soleil walls, sliding panels, or lamellas for more privacy and functionality. In this way, you can additionally protect your carport from strong precipitation carried by the wind.

Solar Cells or Photovoltaic Panels for Energy Efficiency:

The solid construction allows the installation of solar cells on the roof, for an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solution. The production of electricity is not only reserved for the roofs of houses, but also for carports. We can also install sockets or other electrical equipment to keep your carport as equipped and functional as possible.

Compliance with the Surroundings:

A design that integrates perfectly with your building and other Misteral constructions, for the highest standard of spatial aesthetics.

Our Experienced Team of Installers:

With more than 200 built-in carports per year, we can guarantee excellent installation and high specialisation of our teams of installers.

Up to 10-year-warranty:

Carport Misteral has a warranty of up to 10 years, representing lasting trust and quality.


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Enhance your external space and protect your car with the Carport Misteral.

It will bring added value, functionality, and harmony to your house yard. 






Are you ready to protect your car?

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