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We offer an exclusive and original concept of bioclimatic lamellar pergolas that will change your outdoor stay into a comfortable and enjoyable experience regardless of the weather. The Misteral bioclimatic pergola stands out on the market with its movable groove, which automatically adjusts to the lamellar rotation angle so that heavy rain does not cause problems and water does not drizzle on the terrace. The patented drainage solution of pergola allows you to open the lamellas immediately after rain, without worrying about water dripping on the terrace, and immediately allow the sun to enter the terrace.


Misteral's bioclimatic pergolas offer the largest lamellar rotation angle on the market, providing maximum sunlight when you need it most.


Technical details of Misteral bioclimatic pergolas






We offer a unique flexible construction that puts us one step ahead of the competition. In a single construction, a lamellar pergola, a pergola with a fixed roof, a carport and a canopy above the entrance can be implemented. Misteral's bioclimatic pergola easily adapts to any facility, whether it's an existing building, a new construction, or a renovated building. In addition to superior aesthetics, with Misteral's bioclimatic pergola you also gain many unique advantages that go beyond competitive products.


Each Misteral's bioclimatic pergola is painted with a special anti-corrosion powder coating, which allows the pergolas a long-lasting function and aesthetics even when installed near the sea.






Solid and Strong Construction for Sustainability:

Each bioclimatic pergola is made with an optimal ratio of strength and static. We use non-corrosive materials such as aluminium and stainless steel, ensuring the exceptional durability of your bioclimatic pergola.

The largest Lamellar Rotation Angle on the Market for Your Complete Bioclimatic Pergola:

With a lamellar rotation angle of up to 160°, our bioclimatic pergola provides exceptional light and aeration control, allowing you to create the perfect ambience in your external space. Due to the large lamellar rotation angle, the lamellas of the bioclimatic pergolas are always oriented parallel to the facility, which allows you to sunbathe or shade the terrace and ventilate it when necessary.

Wind Resistance for Safe Use:

Our bioclimatic pergola withstands wind speeds of up to 200 km/h, because each lamella is repeatedly clamped into the construction of the pergola, firstly in the axis of lamellar rotation and secondly, the lamellar bioclimatic pergolas are connected to each other by a movable groove that follows the lamellar rotation angle of the pergola. This allows you to stay peacefully and safely on the terrace.

Patented Drainage for Carefree Enjoyment under your Bioclimatic Pergola:

Using special water drainage grooves, you can open the lamellas immediately after rain or morning dew, without fear of dripping water on the terrace. The lamellas of our pergolas do not have gaskets, which ensures a long service life, and you don't have to replace gaskets. The waterproofing of the pergola is implemented with a patented lamella shape.

Waterproofing and Snowproofing for Perfect Adaptation:

Regardless of the dimensions of the pergola and your wishes, we provide you with complete protection from rain and snow. Before the production and installation of each lamellar pergola, we perform a static calculation of snow resistance. After the installation of the pergola is completed, we also issue you a certificate.

Without Gaskets between Lamellas to Maintain Flexibility:

Despite its watertightness, the lamellas are not sealed with gaskets. The gaskets would become rigid and inelastic over time, resulting in leakage of the pergola. Our pergola therefore has a service life without pergola lamella service.

Maximum Service Life with Aviation Technology Assistance:

The Misteral's pergola is riveted rather than screwed, which allows materials stretch appropriately under temperature changes, ensuring an exceptionally long service life for your bioclimatic pergola.

Rich Selection of High-Quality Accessories for Perfect Customisation:

Equip your bioclimatic pergola with accessories which suit your needs and taste. The options for pergola accessories are the following: brise soleil, zip screen roller shutters, sliding glazing.

Our Team of Installers for Superior Performance of Your Bioclimatic Pergola:

Our experienced team of installers realises more than 250 "physical" projects annually, as well as some larger projects. We guarantee quality and reliable installation of your bioclimatic pergola.

Up to 10 Years of Warranty for Your Peace of Mind with Bioclimatic Pergola Misteral:

With the up to 10-year warranty, we guarantee you safety and peace of mind when using your bioclimatic pergola.


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