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Cookies are nothing new, all website visitors already have many cookies stored on their computers, tablets, mobile phones from different websites. What is new is that the new legislation (ZEKom-1) brings changes to the way visitors are informed or consent to their use.



Cookies are small text files that most websites store on user devices when accessing the internet, allowing them to identify the individual devices used for access. The storage of cookies is fully controlled by the user's web browser, which enables the option to restrict or disable cookie storage according to the user's preference. Cookies are not harmful to your computer and always have a limited duration.



Cookies are essential for providing user-friendly online services. The interaction between the web user and the website is faster and easier with the help of cookies. They help the website to remember the individual's preferences and experience, saving time and making browsing more efficient and user-friendly.


Here are some specific examples of the use of cookies:

  • to enhance the user experience, we customize the display of content for visitors based on their previous visits;
  • to remember your preferences while shortlisting and comparing devices and offers, ensuring a personalized experience,
  • to keep you logged in on the sections of the website that necessitate authentication,
  • to recognize your device (computer, tablet, mobile phone), enabling you to customize the display of content according to your device's specifications,
  • to track your visits, which allows us to check the effectiveness of the content and the relevance of the ads, as well as to continuously improve the website,
  • cookies are essential for the functioning of certain services (e.g. online banks, web shops and other forms of e-commerce).


Essential/necessary cookies of this website


Cookie name



Issuer of the cookies

(e.g. 1ec99606c0a3771daf1135504c26d7a8)

Preserving the value of your session. 
Ensures a consistent user experience across all pages within a single session.

Duration of the session

Misteral d.o.o.


Allows users to remember their preferences regarding the choice of cookie settings.

 6 months

Misteral d.o.o.


Information indicating that the visitor has disabled cookies.

 6 months

Misteral d.o.o.


Information telling the website that the user has enabled cookies.

 6 months

Misteral d.o.o.

_ga, _gat, _gid

Cookies from the third-party provider Google Analytics to track website statistics.

2 years

Misteral d.o.o.

Misteral d.o.o.


Misteral d.o.o.

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