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Elegant Light and Privacy Control with Misteral Sunbreakers

Misteral sunbreakers improved aesthetic and functional standards, as it also protects your terrace or home from weather conditions, while bringing you full control of the light and privacy in your space. Its minimalist design makes it possible to perfectly adapt to any facility, taking it to a higher level. sunbreakers is also an excellent anti-burglary protection or anti-burglary blind.


Customise your Shadow with sunbreakers Misteral

Our compact design sunbreakers with its aluminium lamellas protect windows, terraces, glazing and other open elements of your facility. The sunbreakers is made of rotating or fixed lamellas that adjust to your needs in terms of dimensions and can be installed vertically or horizontally. With our sunbreakers, you have complete control over the light entering the room, as you can adjust the lamellar rotation angle.


Misteral sunbreakers is not only an ordinary blind – it is also a decorative element. Misteral sunbreakers is the only one on the market that captivates attention and provides complete privacy at the same time.




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Why Choose Sunbreakers Misteral



High-Quality Materials

Compact exterior blinds are made of non-corrosive materials such as aluminium and stainless steel.

Weather Resistance:

Thanks to special technology and aluminium processing, Misteral sunbreakers is resistant to rain, snow and strong winds exceeding 200 km/h. It also effectively protects windows from hail and burglaries.


sunbreakers contributes to the thermal insulation of the facility, which contributes to energy savings in heating and cooling. sunbreakers also provides excellent protection against overheating of the facility, as it allows ventilation of the space behind it.

Easy to Operate:

The sunbreakers can be operated by remote control via motor drive or manual drive, in addition, you can choose a fixed angle for lamellas.

Professional Installation:

For your comfort and peace of mind, we have our own team of installers that successfully implements more than 100 sunbreakers projects per year.

10-year Warranty

We trust in the quality of our products, so we support them with up to a 10-year warranty.


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With flexible and functional sunbreakers, you will create the ideal space for comfort and privacy in your home.







Would you like to overshadow the whole surroundings?

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