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NEW LIVING SPACE OUTSIDE YOUR HOME - Bioclimatic and Fixed Pergolas

Are you looking for the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality for your external space? Bioclimatic pergolas evolved from the function of ancient wooden pergolas. In the past, pergolas were installed on the sunny sides of facilities with the idea of shading terraces and facilities. Misteral's bioclimatic and fixed pergolas offer the ultimate solution in every respect and for every type of facility. Our pergolas are made of sustainable and non-corrosive materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and glass. Their construction is based on an optimal ratio of strength and static, which ensures durability and long service life.


At Misteral, we are committed to the aesthetic and functional adaptation of pergolas to your spatial concept, but without improvisations. All our solutions are subject to rigorous verification and testing in official institutes.

Our bioclimatic pergolas and fixed pergolas are waterproof, reliably snowproof and windproof, providing comfortable shelter in all weather conditions.



Choose your ideal pergola

  • Bioclimatic lamellar pergolas: For those who want full control over the environment where you live. Our bioclimatic lamellar pergolas allow you to adjust the light, temperature, and ventilation according to your wishes and needs. Our bioclimatic pergolas have the largest lamellar rotation angle on the market, up to 160 degrees, which allows full flexibility of the bioclimatic pergola.
  • Fixed pergolas: If you are looking for a solid and simple and high-quality solution for your external space, fixed pergolas are the right choice. They provide a stable roof over your yard or terrace. In this case, the roof is not made with rotating lamellas, as in the case of a bioclimatic pergola, but the roof is made with insulating panels, tempered glass, or a combination of both.



Bioklimatska lamelna pergola Misteral je proizvedena iz identične konstrukcije kot fiksna pergola ali carport, kar daje enoten slog estetike vašemu domu pri vseh produktih.


Do you already have a vision for your ideal pergola?

We have prepared a short questionnaire for you, where you can enter key data and receive an informative non-binding offer for a bioclimatic or fixed pergola. Discover how Misteral d.o.o. can change your external space into a complete oasis of comfort.




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