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Create your dream oasis with solutions tailored just for you.

At Misteral, we are committed to providing the highest standard of quality, expressed through our certified products and superior professional services. Our joint path starts with free advice and accurate measurements in your area.


Our services include:

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Why choose Misteral?

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    Special solutions tailored to your needs


    We understand that every project and every location are unique. That is why we are committed to fully adapting our solutions to your needs. Our team faces the challenge and makes sure that each solution is perfectly adapted to your environment.

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    Our Team, Our Quality, Our Prices


    Our experienced team of installers realises more than 250 "physical" projects annually. Our products are designed with the highest quality standards and ensure durability while remaining affordable for all our users.

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    100% guarantee on all products


    We are committed to ensuring the highest quality of products and services. Our assured 100% quality guarantee allows us to act immediately and eliminate any errors, all with one goal - your satisfaction.

Visualise Misteral pergolas and canopies before installation

Our products with the possibility of visualisation: bioclimatic pergolas, fixed pergolas, carports, canopies with solar panels and brise-soleil. 


The visualisations of the Misteral pergolas and canopies are extremely accurate and realistic, allowing you to fully imagine how the new product will fit into your existing space. With the help of advanced computer programs and cutting-edge 3D models, Misteral allows you to view pergolas and canopies from different viewing angles and thus get a complete insight into the final look. You can choose colours and possible accessories to find the perfect solution that will meet your aesthetic and functional needs.




Choose the perfect solution for you

We are ready to work with you and your project, regardless of scale and complexity.

Contact us today to discover how we can create solutions that will meet even your most demanding needs.




Misteral d.o.o.


Misteral d.o.o.

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Certifikati AAA


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