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Make a Strong First Impression with MISTERAL Entrance Canopies

Entrance canopies are more than just functional elements. They are also aesthetic accessories that enrich the appearance of your building and the entrance to the house. Misteral entrance canopies combine precision of detail with superior quality and ensure harmony with all the structures in your yard. A minimalist design that aligns with all Misteral's offer creates the focal point of your facility and leaves a strong first impression.





Raise Your Entrance to the Next Level with MISTERAL Entrance Canopies.

 The MISTERAL entrance canopy not only protects your entrance from the weather, but also adds an aesthetic value to it.



Solid and Durable Construction:

Made of non-corrosive materials such as aluminium and stainless steel. The canopy can be supported by pillars or without pillars attached to the facility.

Resistance to All Weather Conditions:

The canopy is resistant to rain, strong wind, and snow.

Maximum Service Life with Aviation Technology Assistance:

Misteral's entrance canopy is riveted and not screwed, which allows the materials to adapt appropriately to temperature changes.

Coordinated Design:

The entrance canopy complements the visual integrity in combination with other Misteral products.

Professional Team of Installers:

Every year, we realise more than 100 projects with our professional team.

Up to 10-year-Warranty.

Create a strong first impression and add value to your property with MISTERAL Entrance Canopies. Get top quality and aesthetic perfection today.



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