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For more than a decade, Misteral d.o.o. has been supplementing external living spaces with carefully designed and high-quality products, usable in all weather conditions.


We are present on the markets: Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.


We offer bioclimatic lamellar pergolas, fixed pergolas, carports, brise soleil, entrance canopies, garden sheds and accompanying accessories such as Zip screen roller shutters.


The latest acquisition of our program are fixed pergolas and carports with a built-in solar roof that produces electricity. This represents a major step towards self-supply and at the same time offers protection from the sun and other unwanted weather phenomena.


All our products are distinguished by the following characteristics:


  • Solid and robust construction,
  • Long service life,
  • Waterproofing and snowproofing,
  • a flat roof (pergolas and canopies) with a covered fall for maximum aesthetics and compliance with architectural solutions,
  • integrated water drainage within the structure and columns.


Our products are connected by uniform construction profiles in terms of design, thus ensuring the aesthetic harmonisation of the entire living environment.


At Misteral d.o.o., we have devoted a lot of time to the design of functional canopies (bioclimatic pergolas, carports, fixed pergolas etc.) for various purposes and parts of the facility next to which they are installed. We have prepared models for different situations and at the same time finished plans of accompanying installations.


If you want to make right decisions you should make a quality presentation of your new project, so we offer our customers 3D visualisation and placement of selected products in a real environment based on a photo of the existing situation.


This gives you a correct idea of the final appearance of the selected product already at the stage when we are arranging our service with you.


We offer a long-term warranty.


All products are produced only from non-corrosive materials such as aluminium and stainless steel.


We would be very pleased if you recognised the functionality of our products and constructions.


For free advice, a visit of your house, a presentation, or additional questions, we remain available at the contacts below.


Book your appointment for the arrangement of the functional surroundings of your home (with pergolas or carports), which in the company Misteral d.o.o. we call: between the home and nature, protect your car pool and make the terrace comfortable in all seasons.



Mirko Sternad





Misteral d.o.o.


Misteral d.o.o.

Zdolska cesta 18a, 8270 Krško

PE Krško, CKŽ 135 c, 8270 Krško


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+386 41 55 44 77

+386 41 659 659

Podpora ikona mail info@misteral.si

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