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For over a decade, Misteral has been dedicated to designing, protecting, and enhancing living environments across Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Driven by continuous development and the recognition of a competitive market, we have crafted products and services that prioritize utmost responsibility, catering to the needs of all clients. Every Misteral product is meticulously crafted to the highest standards, ensuring exceptional quality and certification. We use carefully selected materials that meet all necessary standards, guaranteeing durability and reliability. Drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience, we go beyond product offerings to provide premium services, ensuring that you are supported every step of the way in creating your own outdoor oasis. We prioritize exceptional customer service by providing free expert advice, property visits for measurements, on-time delivery, flawless installation, reliable service, a 100% product guarantee, and prompt issue resolution. Our guiding principle is the trust relationship we have been building with our clients, suppliers and employees over the past decade.



Misteral d.o.o.

Certifikati AAA

Misteral d.o.o.

Zdolska cesta 18a, 8270 Krško

PE Krško, CKŽ 135 c, 8270 Krško

+386 41 55 44 77

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