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The carport is an essential feature of any contemporary living space. Achieve the ideal blend of practicality and aesthetic perfection with our carport, enhancing your outdoor space, adding value, and stylishly protecting every car. Misteral carport is a design-coordinated system that brings top-quality to your outdoor area.






Misteral carport offers a robust and long-lasting structure designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, ensuring your car is provided with reliable and permanent protection. With its exceptional dimensional flexibility, it allows you to select a suitable size to accommodate one, two, or even multiple cars of any size. Misteral carport seamlessly combines the outstanding qualities of renowned car brands, showcasing the best attributes from German quality, Italian luxury and design, as well as Swedish reliability:


  • Sturdy and robust construction that ensures reliable protection for your car, regardless of the weather conditions. The Misteral carport is expertly crafted using non-corrosive materials such as aluminium and stainless steel.
  • Exceptional waterproofing and snow proofing, customized to the dimensions of the carpot and your desired level of protection.
  • Maximum durability with the help of aviation technology: Misteral's carpots are installed using rivets instead of screws, allowing for proper material elongation to accommodate high temperature changes.
  • Choose the perfect fixed roof: our tailored solid roof options cater to your specific preferences. Customize your carpot with your choice of aluminium insulating panels or a combination of panels and tempered glass.
  • Discover our extensive selection of high-quality accessories that seamlessly adapt the carport to meet your functional requirements. Enhance the functionality of your carpot by adding brisole walls, sliding panels, or slats as desired.
  • Possibility of installing solar cells: The Misteral carport is designed with a solid and robust construction, providing both ample load-bearing capacity and space for solar panel installation on its roof.
  • The design of the Misteral carport is carefully aligned with your facility and other Misteral structures to ensure the highest standard of spatial aesthetics.
  • Our in-house installation team successfully completes over 250 projects annually.
  • Up to 10 years warranty included.

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