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Experience the pleasure of a tidy and organized outdoor space with a Misteral garden shed. A small shed in your garden or backyard provides an ideal solution for storing tools, garden furniture, and bicycles while keeping your belongings clean and protected from any weather conditions. Misteral garden sheds offer more than just storage space. They serve as a simple yet sophisticated centrepiece for your garden oasis, offering not only storage but also a versatile space for socializing or pursuing your creative endeavours.






Thanks to their modern, strong, and robust construction, Misteral garden sheds beautifully complement your outdoor space, creating a tidy and well-maintained outdoor setting. Designed to aesthetically harmonize with all other Misteral products, our garden sheds provide a unified finishing touch to your living space, ensuring both quality and design cohesion.


  • Made from non-corrosive materials like aluminium and stainless steel (inox), Misteral garden sheds ensure a strong and sturdy construction.
  • Resistance to various weather conditions: The garden shed exhibits exceptional resistance to rain, strong winds, and snow.
  • Maximum durability with the help of aviation technology: Misteral's garden sheds are installed using rivets instead of screws, allowing for proper material elongation to accommodate high temperatures.
  • Experience functional and aesthetic flexibility with our garden sheds. Choose from a wide range of ALU doors and ALU windows, allowing you to customize your shed. You can also match the shed's colour with the rest of your living space, creating a cohesive and visually appealing environment.
  • Mice-proof garden shed: The fully enclosed structure of the Misteral garden shed effectively prevents mice and other unwanted guests from entering.
  • Our in-house installation team successfully completes over 250 projects annually.
  • Up to 10 years warranty included.

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